Please only Buy my work from me or these places.

Ive posted this temporarily on the main page – protecting my work from unscrupulous thief’s is a ongoing problem so please only buy my work directly from me or these places i’ve mentioned below, if you don’t then you’l be getting a poor low resolution (and horrible) copy of my work.

You can only purchase my work officially from these places – Zazzle, Red bubble, Society 6, Displate, FAA, Shutterstock & Teerepublic, i have carefully made sure the print resolution is of high quality (I process my work at a super high 1200 dpi) If you see my Daydream logo that is my official creditation. Please do not purchase any of my work from anywhere else as it would be low resolution stolen art, you can also purchase files directly from me, if in doubt contact me. If you would like to sell my work also contact me. Thanks!.

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